Open letter to Yuri Andropov

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.,
26 August, 1983.

When you rejected even exploratory negotiations offered by President Ronald Reagan, on the basis of the new U.S. strategic doctrine publicized on March 23, 1983, you consciously chose thermonuclear war to occur sometime during the several years immediately ahead. You know that, and I know that, unfortunately, there are many people, including heads of governments, around the world, self-deluded by their own wishful thinking who are refusing to accept very simple facts on that subject.
I would not go so far as to argue that you like the idea of a thermonuclear war, that you desire that experience. I mean that you are consciously aiming the Soviet Union toward a thermonuclear confrontation with the United States, and you are prepared to risk the possibility that in such situation the United States will shoot rather than back down to the present Soviet margin of advantage, in the event the U.S.S.R. goes to the point of launching a preemptive strategic strike against the U.S.A. (I have personally gone through the calculations, based on comparison of known U.S. capabilities and known portions of Soviet capabilities.) I am certain that you believe the probability of U.S. back-down is much greater that I do, you are very, very wrong : you overlook the lessons of Pearl Harbor, and what happened to the peace movement of that time on the morning of December 7, 1941.
Except for that point of strategic miscalculation, which prompts you to underestimate the consequences of your recent and continuing rejection of the new U.S. strategic doctrine, you, Yuri Andropov, have chosen to plunge the world into general thermonuclear war.
Let us also consider the fact that leading circles of the Soviet Union presently view me as intellectually the most dangerous adversary of the Soviet Union. In a certain twisted sort of logic, that present Soviet characterization of me as "worse than President Reagan," is based on fact. I am very much a patriot of the United States, such that when the existence of the constitutional republic founded in 1789 is imperilled, I would mobilize from out of my nation capabilities beyond your imagination, to defend my nation by war if that need be : I know how a nuclear war can be successfully won -- as do, more or less accurately, Soviet military circles associated with Zhukov, Sokolovskii, and Ogarkov. I would mobilize to win such a war quickly if such a war were threatened. That much about me is true.
What you allege against me is a threat to you only if you leave me no choice. If you would be sensible, I, together with forces more or less in the footsteps of the late General Douglas MacArthur, are the very component of the U.S. thinking suited to sit together with Soviet specialists steeped in the Sokolovskii tradition, to trash out options to be delivered to my President and your government, to obtain durable peace. The choice lies in your hands. My president supported by Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and Dr. Edward Teller, has made you a fair and generous offer of negotiations of a new strategic doctrine, a doctrine which from the U.S. side coincides more or less exactly with Soviet military doctrine. You have refused those negotiations, therefore it is entirely on your head that the moral responsibility for the thermonuclear war now rests.
Do not argue that the President made this offer merely as some sort of ruse, to hide plans for a "first strike." You do not believe such nonsense yourself, otherwise you would have discussed the President's and Secretary Weinberger's actual offers, rather than issuing barrages of nothing but wild falsehoods. Let us suppose you were suspicious of the President's offer, this would have required you to offer EXPLORATORY NEGOTIATIONS. Except for the most recent accord between Teller and Velikhov, you have so far rejected every avenue of exploratory or other negotiations. You have strengthened the position of forces which oppose the President's offer, the forces of the same fascists who concocted the Pugwash doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD), the policy leading us into nothing but a thermonuclear war. YOU CHOSE THERMONUCLEAR WAR, AND ACCELERATED THE POSSIBILITY OF ITS EARLY OCCURENCE. You helped to push Henry A. Kissinger back into government which would not have occurred if you has responded to the President's proposal with at least exploratory nogotiations. With Kissinger and what he represents in power in Washington, thermonuclear world war III is almost guaranteed for the period ahead.
If the Soviet Union is almost demolished in thermonuclear war, do not blame me, blame yourself.
We may disagree on some of the fine points, but I know that you know that the essential point I have presented to you is entirely true.

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