The New Federalist August 5, 1991

As George Bush and Mikhail Gorbachov congratulate themselves on putting together a new Mideast "peace" package, It behooves the citizen to look suspiciously at the offspring. What is the basis for agreement between these two would-be emperors ?
What you will find is that the underpinning of this "peace" is the abandonment of, and genocide against, the Palestinian population. Bush and Gorbachov have agreed with Yitzhak Shamir and Ariel Sharon that Israel's lebenraum (living space) is the top priority in the region.
This should not be surprising. It was the decision of the United States to cut off dia1ogue with the PLO last June, that led to the detonation of the war against Iraq. Saddam Hussein was correct when he said that the Palestinian issue was the key to the region; those who are determined to treat Palestinians like dirt, are going to subjugate the whole region. Since last summer, the Soviets have equally rebuffed the Palestinians.
In endorsing the Zionist policy of the Israeli government, the superpowers are endorsing racism. Under Zionist ideology, the Jews allegedly have the right to take their ancestral homeland in Palestine and let the current population go hang. Jewish deaths are considered hideous crimes; deaths of Palestinians are simply unfortunate. Jews are the "chosen people;" everyone else is "subhuman."
The Palestinians, Arabs and Christians, have suffered enormously from this Israeli government policy backed from the beginning by Britain, the Soviet Union, and the United States. Tens of thousands have been killed, even more incarcerated in conditions that recall to Jews themselves, the situation in Nazi concentration camps. During the 40 days of war against Iraq, 1.7 million Palestinians were kept under virtual house arrest.
Every day the Zionist government kicks Palestinians out of their homes, and blows them up in order to make room for Israeli housing. Journalists and youth are detained without charges for months, or years. Religious privileges are arbitrarily denied, without as much as an apology. The next phase has not been left to anyone' s imagination by the likes' of Ariel Sharon. Sharon. who calls Palestinians "cockroaches," wants to deport them all to Jordan. The Kuwaitis have done the same with at least 200,000 Palestinians -- those they haven't arrested and tortured. They are left to fend for themselves in miserable poverty, until they die.
Such Zionist racism leads to justification for the very same results of Nazi racism-genocide. The Judeo-Christian ethic of the sanctity of every individual human life is the very foundation of a healthy civilization. From that standpoint; Zionism must be condemned as racism, and a just solution found for Palestinians and Israelis alike.

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