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30, 000 who has been deceived and led them round from the wilderness to the mount called Olivet, where he was in a position to force an entry into Jerusalem and overpower the Roman garrison....

The early rebellion was quickly crushed by the army of Rome. But the revolt was underway, and it spread rapidly.

This last quotation from Eusebius, which he in turn takes from Josephus, is testimony to the fact that the origins of the Jewish Wars can be traced directly to the Egyptian death cults that Philo fought in Alexandria throughout his life.

What followed the beginning of the Jewish Wars is almost too gruesome to relate. Jerusalem was besieged by the Roman legions. Within the city, food quickly ran out. Any semblance of human social life evaporated into a bestial horror as neighbors killed each other for a scrap of food. Families gnawed at leather sandals and belts as they starved to death, and cannibalism was reported. At night, Jews would sneak out to the surrounding fields to eat the grass and steal food, but if they were captured by the Romans they were executed, and if, on their return to the city, they were caught by the Zealot soldiers, they were robbed of their food. The Zealots broke into Jewish houses to steal food, and tortured anyone who was caught with a hoard of grain. Utter horror reigned. Hundreds of thousands of people died; the rest were massacred or sold into slavery when the city eventually fell.

The end of the inhuman war came with the three-year siege of Masada, a fortress in southern Palestine. There, less than a thousand Zealot fanatics holed up to resist to the end. As the Roman legion neared the capture of the fortress, the 960 Jews there killed themselves rather than be captured. The final speech by the Zealot leader Eleazar ben Yair, began the mass suicide:

It is life that is a calamity to men, and not death; for this last affords our souls their liberty, and sends them by a removal, into their own place of purity, where they are to be insensible to all sorts of misery....

This last horrifying death rattle, like the Stoic welcoming of death, began the death cult of Zionism as legend.

The question is: Who is to blame for the events at Masada and the destruction of Jerusalem? There is no escaping the conclusion that the Jewish War, in which hundreds of thousands of Jews perished, was the product of a hopeless nationalist rebellion launched by provocateurs for the purpose of giving Rome the excuse to crush the Jewish humanist threat to the broader cult apparatus. In other words, the Zionists, as a political intelligence arm of the same cults that controlled Rome, caused the holocaust!

The nationalist, land-based revolt of the Zealots stands in sharp contrast to the organizing conception of both Philo and Jesus. Both renounced any intention to establish a breakaway state that would seek independence from the Empire. Instead, they sought to take over the Empire itself by means of an evolutionary movement to establish the Kingdom of God, a government based on Reason.


If the worship of the fortress at Masada by the modern Oxford- and Cambridge-trained Israeli elite is bad enough, the stench of the Big Lie emanates from the current propaganda about the Nazi holocaust. This point the U.S. Labor Party has documented elsewhere; the point need only be recapitulated here.

Among the strongest backers of the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi movement to power were the Zionist financiers of the City of London, the Hofjuden who had been deeply enmeshed in the "Return to the East" cult phenomenon since the rise of the official Zionist movement in the 1830s and afterwards. The Zionists viewed, the role of Nazism in Europe a process of race purification of the Jews, whereby the Jews that survived the holocaust would have passed through a "selection" process and would be fit colonists for Palestine.

The relevant point today is that conferences, seminars, and scholarly studies on the Holocaust, and popular presentation of Nazi war crimes such as the famous U.S. television program, "Holocaust," are trumpeted by the Zionists to capitalize on the supposed collective guilt of the West and the Germans for the crimes of Adolf Hitler and to stir up the pervasive fear of extermination among Jews.

This is a tried-and-true method among the Zionist movement of today. The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, for instance, the political intelligence arm of the Zionists which works closely with the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, has repeatedly been caught either supporting or giving rise to American Nazi and fascist organizations. Arnold Foster, one of the leaders of the ADL, was arrested in the 1940s for painting a swastika on a New England synagogue, in order to scare Jews into demanding "protection" from the racketeers of the ADL.

Many Jews in the United States today are terrorized by the ADL and its allies. Jews who attack or even question the Zionist mythology are ruthlessly persecuted by the ADL gestapo, even to the point of physical assault. Enormous pressure is brought to bear - and threats made to prevent the publication of information that is damaging to Zionist interests, especially by Jews. The fascist "Jewish Defense League" - a creation of the ADL and Zionist intelligence -has terrorized Jews into supporting extremist Zionist positions.

It is high time that Philo Judaeus is again enlisted into the battle against the Zionists and the Zealots.

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