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The Masada Complex

by Robert Dreyfuss

Although the events at Masada in 70-73 A.D. came a generation after the death of the great Philo, in a very real sense the destruction of Palestine by the Roman hordes during the Jewish Wars was a desperate, futile gesture by the Isis Cult-controlled Empire to halt the rapid growth of the Judeo-Christian movement that was founded by Philo Judaeus.

A correct understanding of the atrocity known as the Jewish War is crucial for breaking the stranglehold of Zionism today.

The war against Rome, which officially began in about 66 A. D., was begun not by Rome, but by the Jewish extremists in Palestine known as the Zealots. The Zealots were the forerunners of the Zionist cult. Rejecting the messianic doctrine of Perfection that was put forward by Philo and Jesus Christ, the Zealots began organizing for a " national revolution" against Rome that, even the moderate Jewish leadership knew, could only result in suicide against the vastly superior Roman legions.

The emergence of the Zealots was a tribute to the influence that Philo had developed among the entire Jewish population of the Roman Empire diaspora. At the beginning, Philo - and his allies in the movement that became known later as Christianity - targetted their attacks against the evil priesthood that ran the Jerusalem temple, the Sadducees and the Pharisees. The organizing of Philo, St. Paul, and St. Peter had managed to split the Pharisees, win over a crucial portion of the Jewish leadership and the majority of the followers to the JudeoChristian perspective, and set into motion an organization committed to the uplifting of the Roman masses to a state of human Reason.

The Zealots, a terrorist organization, arose to provoke a bloodbath in Palestine. From every piece of evidence, the Zealots were a direct creation of the Egyptian Isis cult

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