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LaRouche Leesburg Road Tour Guide 2007

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One of the things which bothered me is how Lyn has a bug up his about Loudon real estate collapsing and being "Ground Zero" for the complete collapse of the economy as we know it. If you were to look up the numbers you find that 4 states, Ca, Fl, Nv and Az, make up the bulk of the subprime loan mess and defaults. If you remove those states, then the rate of foreclosures actually has dropped. Click here

But, remember that everything which is being presented by the cult is to retain the yute in the cult, not to actually do anything productive. A typical dopey drop out LYM has not a clue what it means that non owner occupied units are the primary source of defaults, or what overcapacity means in relation to home and condo sales and financing or how the increase in home foreclosures does not mean that the demand for homes, at the right price is lower.

Whatever the yutes do in squawking about with their The Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 2007 is really not new. In my day we did the same posturing for "The Emergency Agricultural Act of ...." where we said that if it was not passed the USA would starve under Rockefeller. Later we had the McCormack Fusion Bill where if that did not pass we would have no electricity and in between there were various municipal debt bills thrown in . The bottom line is that it did not matter what the problem was. The way you have to see this is that Lyn's fairy tale bills are written not to solve the initial problem, but attack whatever evil delusionary enemy was ours at the time.

Besides being used to scare very naive yutes, could there be something else Lyn has not told the yutes about Loudon county real estate, hmmmm?

Could it be that Lyn and the LC are the original no money down, sub prime borrowers who lost every piece of property in a flurry of lunacy and laughter ? A lunacy and laughter bordering on the sinking of the Titanic with a chorus and band playing to the end as the SS Larouche went down?

We set the WABAC machine to the early 1980s when it is full steam ahead for leaving NYC and moving on to Leesburg. Very few members knew of the whole picture and exactly how much money we were both raising and spending in the tiny hamlet of Leesburg. I will admit that I myself have no full idea of every purchase and loss, just the shiny brochures, the press reports and some hilarious eyewitness accounts and the many helpful tidbits provided by present and former members.

What the yutes need to keep in mind is that what ever you read and hear is really for you, not the general public. The general public knows Lyn is nuts and that is why after FOUR DECADES of intensive work by Lyn, there are fewer subscribers, income and members than ever. When foreclosure rates rise the trick is to scare you away from thinking of leaving the cult by feeding you endless nightmares and catastrophes.

Ya know, if you read enough of these crazy memos over the past THREE DECADES, it turns out that Lyn predicted every failure, hidden agent and collapse/setback of the LC/LYM. An incredible feat when you figure that almost every leader and half of the membership would have been predicted by Lyn as to be leaving years before they actually left.

Think about that yutes as these crazy memos get churned out a few weeks after we entertain everyone here with new fun.

"LaRouche has a 100 percent rate in losing property and homes in Loudoun County...I cannot get the full story because like everything else done in the Labor Committees, things were compartmentalized."

Why does this stuff work on a yute and not me? Well for one thing, I have been through several cycles of oversupply, undersupply, economic slowdowns high mortgage rates, refinancing and buying and selling houses for my family since leaving the cult. Yutes on the other hand, have a working knowledge of mortgages and homes limited to renting an apt and thinking that 4 adults to one bedroom is the norm and the whole economy is about to collapse.

Yutes, within 3 years of leaving the cult completely we purchased our first home at a fantastic price because of an oversupply of homes and higher foreclosure rates due to unaffordable increases in housing which forced a shakeout. There is a whole other universe of people and investors who are ready to pounce on properties when the numbers work for them. Many of us are on our second or third home as we bought and sold to our advantage. Yutes in the same period are usually on their second or third rental apt as they get booted out and find new ways to fit more LYM into a given volume.

Today I will help the yutes who come to the DC area with a

Larouche Leesburg Road Tour Guide 2007!!!!

That's right folks. Someone like Michelle Lerner and the DC LYM was probably just born when Lyn and the crew invested a few million into Leesburg-area real estate. You want some statistics about this?

Consider that so far, from what I have seen or heard, Larouche has a 100 PERCENT rate in losing property and homes in Loudon County. I can not get the full story because like everything else done in the LC, things were compartmentalized so that almost no one knows the full story. It seems that Larouche and the LC were the original sub prime borrowers when you see how things were put together.

So fill up the Larouchemobile with 20 bucks of regular, a set of jumper cables and start down Route 7 to Leesburg.

Oh, make sure you tune the AM radio to 1520 on the dial. I will explain later and a little Sinatra and Tony Bennet won't hurt you.

As you drive down Route 7 from DC, pay attention to the many buildings and developments which line both sides. When we first scouted Leesburg most of the land on either side was vacant as you got close to Leesburg. We picked up some property in the area with our REIT style operation.

We mentioned the Cardinal Park properties previously. According to press accounts, we bought a 9.8 acre tract which people say bordered on Rte 7 and what is now Cardinal Park. When you yutes drive to Leesburg, keep a look out on the left and when you see the Auto Nation Honda dealership, picture a non linear 9.8 acre site bordering the Hwy. To make this easy for you, a 9.8 acre plot is about what 9 football fields with out the end zones are in area. An acre is about 91% of a football field without the end zones. According to the nice brochures we printed, that area was to be the future home of our offices and distribution operations. This gets confusing as the Wash Post has the printing company or PMR occupying some of the 60,000 sq feet we were going to build. At other times we were told that we secured a site in Sterling to build for PMR which was better for heavy truck distribution for expanding the business. One way to clarify this is just ask Ed Spannaus about what happened to the property and plans. He gave many of the leadership a tour of the site. Since Lyn has reduced Ed to just about nothing , he should have plenty of time to talk and remenisce about the old days. If you are pretty brave, give Marcia M. a call and ask her what happened to both the money, and the investor as both may have been screwed. Today's printing operation now occupies what a cheap office copier occupies before the leasing company hauls it away.

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