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Sent: Sat 1/20/2007 7:32 PM

What I can say about the LaR finances in Europe: there were ever two sets of books kept by Friesecke's accountant Joseph Stalleicher (once again this info is 17 years old, which may no be terribly helpful - no matter). Stalleicher, whose sister is married to Helmut Boettiger, presented the fake books to the fiscal authorities after lengthy processes of cooking them.

One problem among many was that the fundraising staff was one, and raising funds for an array of entities which legally had nothing to do with one another: Schiller Inst., Club of Life, Humanist Academy, EAP, EIR, etc. Another problem was that monies so raised were deployed centrally, i.e., all brought under one roof, and outlays decided - by Friesecke, another utterly illegal process since he had no authority from said entities to do so.

Another aspect was that a number of members of the leadership had some latitude to spend funds allocated to the entity under their personal, if nominal, jurisdiction. Friesecke ran Dinges & Frick but Hellenbroich had an ability to decide on his own on many publication projects which had to deal with D&F. At the time, Mr. Dinges and Mr. Frick, who were only mildly committed to the outfit, would have been weak links in any serious investigation, which in my time never seemed to interest the German authorities.

One reason (then) might have been that said authorities were not sure of what status LaR really had with various U.S. agencies. Since the FBI repeatedly asked their help in tracking down fugitive U.S. members who had been indicted in the U.S., they (BKA and Verfassungsschutz) would have been aware that at least the FBI and Dept. of Justice were no friends of LaR. I think LaR's mythomania projected an aura of "I'm in touch with high level intelligence agencies" which was sometimes vouched by the appearance of this or that guy, which probably led to a hands-off attitude on the part of the Germans.

The people who (then) did the best job of warning off the public were connected to the Evangelical (mainstream) protestant church, the EKD.

I have not yet received feedback from a couple people I alerted in Germany.

Another note: in 1994, I was one of the co-authors of the last volume of French historian Leon Poliakov's book "History of anti-Semitism, 1945-1992." I co-wrote the chapter on the U.S. with an American friend who had quit as well. He (Robert Greenberg) had been a member in goof standing of the "Security Staff." While the LaRouchies wentt balistic about me, and started fervently to denounce me, never a word appeared on Bob: he knew their dirty laundry far more than I did.

Finally, thank you for the memo on Liebig. Once again, it tells me that LaR is losing it...

Warm regards

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