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The LaRouche "No Health Care" Policy

LaRouche in his "Hitler mustache" anti-Obama campaign argues "Obama=Nazi" because Hitler's health care policy was genocidal and so is Obama's (says LaRouche)...

Here are some FACTS:

"Social Welfare: Aside form the obvious socialist characteristics found within the Third Reich's dirigism, Hitler's regime also implemented several social welfare measures. A socialized health care program was started, expanding coverage to all German citizens; public work projects were created to combat unemployment; social security was expanded; low cost homes were constructed for the German proletariat, with 1,458,128 units being constructed between 1933-37; generous loans, tax breaks, and welfare services were given to German families; the Kraft durch Freude state initiative gave paid vacations to all German workers, as well as free cultural events to attend; etc. For more information, read Léon Degrelle's The First Years of the Third Reich."
Comment posted on neo-Nazi website

HOWEVER LaRouche once said: Every human being has the right to health care.
Every human being?...
YET if you're working for him you will have NO access to any health care!

This is the main reason why he recruits youth and demonizes the older members (a.k.a. the 50+ years old "baby-boomers"): they are more cost-effective...

The Larouchies even recently said about Obama's health-care plan:

"What is wrong with Obama? Obama's health-care program says human beings are only animals. And we have to manage the herd, we have to cull the herd. People too young, don't give them health care. If they're over 50, don't give them health care. You've to manage the population as a farmer manages a herd of cattle. That's Obama's program. The sense of the value of human beings doesn't exist to that fascist. (August 21, 2009 LPAC )

Apart from being ludicrous, to make sense this statement needs only to have the name "Obama" being replaced with "LaRouche's"...

To save even more money (and preserve his lavish living standard and health care support), LaRouche has promoted a policy of enforced abortions for his female members.

Worse, as former larouchie member xlcr4life wrote on forum:

"I want to remind some new readers here about how despicable the cult is in treating members. A few posts ago I mentioned how I have been emailed that LYMettes have been selling their eggs while LYM have been selling their sperm at fertility clinics. The cult has evolved into the US version of North Korea with starving members foraging for food while still worshipping the illustrious leader."

This is the The Larouche-Schacht Economic Model (Schacht being Hitler's Economy minister) which resembles more to the alleged "Obama-Nazi" health-care plan...


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