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Back To Your No-Future...

Steven Hassan's B.I.T.E. model

LaRouche tells his Youth Movement:
Winstead, a dark-haired former actor who'd once had a role in the touring company of Up With People, was at low ebb. He'd left college without a degree. He had dreamed of a career in the theater but was working as an office temp. Soon after his chance meeting on the Mall, Winstead attended a LaRouche speech and then a "cadre school" to learn how to be a LaRouche Youth Movement organizer. The cadre school, held at a Virginia state park, was a taxing series of lectures and discussions that "scared you to death" about the state of the world, says Winstead, now 28. "He tells these kids 'You have no future, you are finished, the economy is collapsing. It's going to be famine and flood . . . unless you find not God, but find me, or support me, or we win.' In times like this someone could look around and believe that. Things are bad, right?"
He joined the youth movement without hesitation.
From "No Joke" by April Witt, Washington Post, October 24, 2004.
"Your generation, as well as those among your parents' generation, who are still alive and viable, are confronted by the fact that your parents' generation gave you a no-future world. There's no way you can make a deal with this culture, which prevails today. No way. Because you can't survive! This culture cannot deliver you, the means to survive. And you know from the broken-home background that your parents' generation created, in large degree, what kind of a psychological hell it makes for your generation."
From "How To Build A Truly Good Youth Movement" by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.- February 1, 2003

...yet this is exactly what the new recruits will be faced with: a "No-Future" in the LaRouche organization after THIRTY+ YEARS of your life spent selling newspapers at card table shrines and carcinogen breathing stations...

You have become a N.I.N.J.A. !
(No Income, No Job, no Assets)

Comments from

◄ "Look for the guy in the middle (red arrow). His name is Karel Vereycken. He just turned 50 and he has been a member for nearly THREE DECADES. In this picture he is still selling the French New Solidarity LaRouche newspaper." He was a talented artist painter but has traded his gift for... that!" Similar to late Gary Genazzio at Pic from:
◄ "What she got was a Strategy to avoid Starvation for THREE DECADES. I was told her name is Linda Leppig and this pix was taken a few months ago in NYC. [...] The sender noted that you must check out the pants as they look circa 1975 corduroy. So be carefull what you purchase yutes because it has to last THREE DECADES. The sender did say that she was one of the nicer people in the LC." Pic from:
◄ "The sender said that she recognized him as Steve Komm and thought he was in Pittsburgh with his wife running the local in the 1980s with stops in Boston or New Brunswick locals. Well, when you leave the Ivy league and join the Larouche League you will be traded and moved around a lot. The bus in the backround is a NYC bus and the pix is from May 2007. The sender said that Steve was a real smart guy with some pretty impressive course loads when he met us. THREE DECADES later, he is a card table... shriner4life. " Pic from:
◄ "This LCer has been in for nearly 4 decades now and probably knows Lyn from the SWP days. He has been street walking for Larouche for ever and ever and will be for ever and ever. At this point in age and life there is probably no where or reason to leave the insular world of the cult. It makes no difference what is crazy or repeated over the decades. Put it on a flyer and Bob will be out there." Pic from:
◄ "The person at the card table shrine may be a long time member named Susan Bowen according to people who have viewed the picture. This is indeed interesting and should be a lesson to the yutes. Sue was recruited more than 30 years ago to the LC. [...] Susan Bowen I would guess is over 50 years of age by now. (...) I was reminded of a special meeting she may have been at in 1981 or there abouts. This was a special meeting Lyn had with the local field membership in the NYC/NJ region. It was held at Lyn's townhouse on Sutton Place, a few rows down from E 58th street. The locals were all being starved and money was all being sent to the National office. The talk was about the upcoming campaign by Lyn and one exchange always sticks out by members who were there. After Lyn came down stairs he rambled on about how important the field work and fundraising is by the regions. All sorts of initiatives were announced and how we running the globe. At the end of this, one member asked if this means that most people (including the person asking) were ever going to stop being at card table shrines.

Lyn responded that of course you will because that is how we change history. A few people looked at each other with a puzzling look while trying to show a good face. Many people who were there eventually left, except for Susan Bowen. So here we are, a QUARTER CENTURY later, seeing a Susan Bowen at a card table shrine on a Chicago street. Many of her fellow members who were with her at that meeting with Lyn have children in college and great careers. They look forward to grand children, travel, writing books and enjoying life in general. A few of those who were at that meeting returned to college and are teachers, lawyers, writers , researchers and above all FREE and HAPPY. " Pic from:

XLCR4LIFE: "The person at this Bayonne NJ card table shrine is a very nice chap named Robert Wesser. He has been in the LC since the late 1970s , so he is another 30 to lifer for Lyn. I received some background info from a few people who knew him over the years. What did not surprise me is that he the product of a divorced family and again shows how disruptive family lives can contribute to the very young being ripe for a cult such as the LC. Robert is not a dumb guy, he is a very well read individual who has been at the bottom of the LC rung for decades as a field organiser and later boiler room worker and back to the field worker. His father was a History professor at the university of NY at Albany according to an email sent to us.

This would mean that Bob has been in the LC as a recruit and member for about 30 years. He has always been broke and has been shuffled around various locals, but basically centered out of the NJ office. A few bucks have come his way from his parents to pay for some clothes here and there. Robert has been through every trial with the LC and has seen hundreds of millions of dollars raised by us to "build a movement". In the NJ newspaper article he is quoted as saying:

"We're doing this all over the country," said Bob Wesser, a representative handing out literature and encouraging walkers on Broadway to sign up for meetings and other activities.
"We're just trying to get the word out," he said.
Wesser, who lives in Hackensack, said the New Jersey branch of LaRouche has been all over the state.
They came to Bayonne, today, he said, because there is a lot of "historic support."
"A lot of people come over, they laugh at the signs," he said."

Wesser has been sent all over the state of NJ for over a quarter century by now. He has witnessed how so many of the NJ supporters of us had massive amounts of money hijacked by us. Wesser has witnessed numerous lawsuits filed against us in NJ and the monthly evictions of fellow members for non payment of rent. He has been behind the wheel of many a LaroucheMobile travesty while raising money while "trying to get the word out" for the past quarter century of his life. Wesser was also privy to how that region flew several potential witnesses out of the country to Europe to avoid grand jury investigations of our fraud.
The people who know Robert Wesser all wish that he stay as healthy as he can as he probably has been under the umbrella of the LaroucheNoCare health package for most of his adult life. All wish that he would leave and reclaim his life. It is a problem as one gets older to do this. I would guess that Robert is nearing 50 by now. There are also members who Wesser knows who left decades ago and have children who are about the age that Bob was when he joined.
Over the years, Robert Wesser has made a boatload of money for the cult and most certainly had his labor used to help finance the multi million dollar estate of Lyn we call "Club Ibykus". Wesser was an avid reader of Schiller and made the money for Lyn's Rheingau , but I do not believe he ever received and invite to Club Ibykus or if Lyn even knows his name. The sad thing is to see how so many bright and energetic young students like a Robert Wesser have allowed Lyn to lead a fantasy life of lunacy, while their lives have been based on being shackled to a card table shrine or a phone for decades.
The sad thing is that any current student who reads several sections here on about the scams, the real estate tour or the trial transcripts will know far more about the cult then a 30 year to lifer like Robert Wesser does. All Wesser can see now is how he has been put out to work the cold streets of NJ while a few select LYM and LYMettes get Lyn's attention. To Lyn and his new cadre, Bob is but a "Boomer" whose role is to make the money and just stay quiet.

Everyone who knows Robert Wesser would love to hear about him leaving this monstrosity and renewing what is left of his remaining life span."

The picture is from a local NJ newspaper from Aug 4, 2008.

"Jambor, who said hes been working for the political action committee for 37 years, was hanging out Monday and Tuesday with fellow LaRouche PAC employee Ian Overton at the Tarrant County sub courthouse on Grapevine Highway. Amid posters bearing photos of President Obama with a Hitler mustache and accusing him of crimes from cover-ups to murder, the two implored passersby to join them in a campaign to impeach the president."

The picture is from LaRouche PAC organizers like Hurst (NOVEMBER 27, 2012). Note: John Jambor is 62.

YES, these "happy" Larouchian deadenders are 50+ and they have been FULL-TIME members most of their lives!

From a "Pinnochio" to a "Golden Ass"... (Youtube)



Recent press releases within the past 48 hours
indicate that the inhalation of diesel exhaust is linked to
an increase in acquiring cancer.

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