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Goodwill A Po»t
1 Odk Coun Cjnalet ,NC

Chria Cure is P 0 3cx 1234 Leesbur?, Va. 220T£

My i'ftr Oirisi
I wonder what yen would do if some one pronised you *675.UO by a giv^n time and th-^n gave you #250.00 ond thought-art hat; snttl-H th1? master. I hnvn more than jb'75.0Q due by now, that figures is only what was due by July, fly next month I TO suculd h*™ anottwr $685.00 for another quarter.
In November t::e total sum is suppo sed the b«» returned. And 1 do not have an acknowledgement of the last loan of <fcl5,OOU . Wher° Is the justice? Ynu are the on-? who promised this, I ^ d?f3parately n<?pd $M3.00 by October -3rd. I must have it and es you know I told you I had to hove the interest frrm what I loaded tc F;IR or whptever.
Can't ycu influence any of your cohorts to do anything for this situation. I really fe = l .1 will hav'- to take it to my lew-yer if som» onn th°ir does mt see thr justice of my stand. If I hpvr> tn I will t»ll ovory thing about hew this ca^pe abiut and that will sonewhat verify the stories I have h ard about workers seeking Toney from elderly women.
I am r-ally very disappointpd in the whole thing, ?ou cannot believe that I em glorifying his cause when I cnnnot «ven got B r'c^ipt for my Insfc Innn much less fulfillment cf promise's, I certainly 1 ^t you know that I .had to have that interest that in f flrt I d"p°n-i="1 on it for snmo of my n--c"ssitie s b«? cruse p^ r--1'. i r-m^'-t di^l nnh fulfill e
rton't you please sen what you can do for me before that firsc <-f October^ I would not asked if I did not need it so ately. Lft m<-> know b"fore Octeobor iirst.
Forgive ray errora in typing I am taking this net nod of writ* ing because my hsdwritrng is s^ miserable due tonerv'iue tention.

603G AllisonvUlc
Caucus Distributors, inc. r. O. Jos
uffefcr ..:r.
The moro unuern tsindtng sncT co.nnilerate of the LaRoucho organization problems I hive besn, the nore the organ-i 7. it- ion has taken a^vanta^o of me.., On .viay 18 I wrote to the attention of Jonnis Ji.iall r^nvi out.lineJ a plan Wat should have cased the repayment of the principal on the short tern loan I to thn organisation. i'he cnty ?nsv/or v/ac a phon-? call jni.jcatjnr that I-woula have to oc satiafioa v/itit in fcerei- f; p.iyr.ients for the present. Jince 1 appreciate J the problems you were having in raising funds, I said that if I received the interest Oj-' -J'T:.'!/ I v/oulcl try to eicij^t ....... 1 could only exist
for 1 have been reduced to living on my ^ocial oe'burity.
On June 21 I had a call from Larry Hecht asking me to ^iv* more money. I am tired of havyin^ ff^iilt trips laiu on me for the dire situation- at national and inter national levels with total disregard. I'or iny finsuicial problems which were brought on entirely by the La^oucho organization.
ia written to advise that tha j-'ollowinr; conditions must be met by the indicated -io tr;s cr I shall rtut collection of my account in the hanua oi" ny attorney.
1. The following interest payments «iue on Juno ZQ to be paid no later than June 30.
Loan ' Amount Internet dun _j i » > ." £o
9-^0-^5 5.000 "125.00 -T-i:0""
12-20-H5 50,000 1250.00 6-2Q
12-20-fl5 200,000 1666,67 6-^0

2, Am of Juna 20 the repayment of principal is past due in the amount of $150,000.
If by my mild manner you have misread me, you can re vise your opinion, for I do not choose to lose my life savings and my home to meet the payments on the money I borrowed to make the 3200,000 to your organization. The minimum payments^on principal are as follows i

25,000 by July 10
^5,000 by July 2*f
^5 i 000 by Aug. il
25,000 by Aug. 25


:F«W Dor-f; °ichey, PL 33552 June 20, 1986
•T. Philip nubinstein CDI
p*dio City Station, NY, NY 10101
n<?ar Mr.
•This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated May 20th, addressed to coi supporters , of which I have been only one. I appreciate the CDI orobloms outlined in your letter; however, those problems in no way satisfy m« with regard to my two loans of $X 0,000 each to CDI on 16 and 26, 1985 respectively.

It so happens that I could barely afford those loans at 1G# interest paid quarterly, that I suffered some anxiety during efforts to collect the first quarterly interest payments, and I desperately need the scheduled quarterly payments in order to cover my daily living expenses. vour appeal for patience and the recognition of GDI's problems may be oossibi? in the case of some of your contributors or supporters via lonnst but is impossible in my case. My expenses have increased and I need1 the money!
Certainly I am in no position to forgive the two $10,000 loans. But
be able to extend loans if absolutely certain of receiving 10^ quarterly interest payments on time or as scheduled. On May 26 I received a note from George Canning saying the payments might be Slaved sevpral weeks. His letter mentioned the mailing to all lenders the letter recently received from you. I need more than hope and excuses. I n^ed the payments in accordance with your written agreement, o^ at least that of Canning in acknowledging the two loans and specifying the payment schedules.
How can a man who talks so of improving political morals and of maintaining good national fiscal policies, and who (at the same time) claims not to have any idea who pays his own bills to allow him to live in luxury-how can he expect the voters to have confidence enough in him to nominate and elect him to the presidency?

<Sinc9 mv loans to'CDI have already drawn some unfavorable publicity in the Tampa Tribune, front page, Sunday, December 29, 1985 (check your files on this — received rather wide publicity and attention* including that of one of your private detectives), may I suggest a scenario to nerhaps enhance the image of Mr. LaRouche? ' Why not pay off this lender (me) with some follow-up positive publicity, nationwide, which might he ID negate the recent negative publicity which has been abundant of late. vou, as president of CDI, and cfr. Laf?0uche should give this serious thousrht. Good publicity would go a long way towards gaining rather than losing supporters.
. Carter




TO i LIIL FROMt Wayi»« REl List Of


canes & financial dependencies, infrastructure loans

For your information, I am lenders ;.o glva yon a more rilfferenfciating itself.

forwarding two lists detailed idea of how

of Infrastructure that situation is

first Is the beginning of lint of lenders who have retained a r. These cases range all the way from having received a first demand to having signed stipulations already entered into. These are c*at*s off the top of my head, and represent only a cursory sampling. I am (-eg -nnlng a ille-by-fl/i comprehensive lift from whlcn we can ofllect thn»jr, cases which require professional legal handling.
Tftn aeconl is a list of lenders who are subject to various hardships it' wa o nnot make some sort of regular repayment of their i»frartrui--'vr*;- loans. The list was requested by Gerry to ascertain a h/^t'.i lin^ figure for maintenance of these people. The*? ' arc! cs^-ps n wMnh ^t i* settled that some sort of emergency doea *»xist, wh i.•_; uc.ijixM; H. • require regular help after an initial payment (although fr f-t> i -r-f- »(-me cases which simply require a one-time payment. } Vidj'flN?r«r it lr efficient to scperate them from the general corpus of c* nc'sr-ed lenders who might receive occasional "tactical" paymenfs nectf?fary for us to continue some kind .of political relationship.
\ h.-i .'.phir case IP defined as one in which the lent er finds it either •--et; difficult, i-:r (in some cases) impossible to pay for fo-jl, MM; l^'ee, housinu or medical expenses without some payback from us. Mar.v peopl^ Jn thi» category are retired, and have liquidated either mv,-v, or all o£ tin*' r income-generating capital In order to make loans lc» ii There are some who are working age, but are either unemployed, ri !v: many dependents. Some have a bank loan for which monthly *r.»v.i'•-pents are paid by an automatic debit of their checking account, If tfcwy don't write a check first. Since they do not receive the promised from us to cover this expense, their ability to pay basic billy i* undermined.
to 4ay, both lists are waxing daily, especially the legal Ml of these people have been briefed for weeks or months on al harrsesmnnt ami financial demands of legal/security. Any on further handling would be greatly appreciated.

V. .....
Terry Allen CGO/R3 500 down 2000
250/wk thereafter
This ia a Htravel credit" loan on his American Express card. Amex is taking him to court, and he has no money with which to negotiate any sort of payment schedule. They will probably garnish wages, etc., if we can't back him up.
Edith Allison LOS/AL 200/wk 70,000
Edith is a hardship hal l-of-£amer. Since we first became aware of her, circumstances, she has had to give up her apartment and move to another town to live with lier son, who himself has kids and not alol of money. She is a bi t flaky around the edges, and it is sometimen hard to separate the fact from the fantasy when she describes her situation: however, we do know that her circumstances have deteriorated, and it is possible that she has foregone medical procedures because of lack of money (see correspondence).
Henry Bakker NYK/BP 200 4000
Alcoholic, has had a couple of strokes. Has almost no source of income other than us. In very bad shape psychologically and physically. Asks us for payment about twice a week.
Irene Barksdale NCR/JB 150/wk 55000
?tired. Lent life savings of herself and husband. Planned to live
off the interest. Have had extraordinary medical expenses (see
attached letter.)
Dorothy Bechtel HCR ,. 1000 down 30,OOO
60/wk thereafter
A lawyer wrote an amicable letter explaining that Dorothy is an "84 year old retired piano teacher etc." " Aside from paying someone who qualifies for this list, we will probably be avoiding a lawsuit if we can pay this much. (Letter attached).
Kevin Begley HOU/RJ 185 5000
Has six kids and not a very good Job. ' The 4185 Is the monthly amount
of a bank loan paynent.
Mims H. Brantly BAL/RA 250/week 100,000
Our first payment to htm was very long in coming. There has been another lapse in payments, and his correpsondence indicates that he cannot make basic expenses without a great deal of difficulty; his latest letter, which is to Lyn personally, describes how he has had to mortgage everything to the hilt, (letter attached).
Jack Breeze SFO/SK 500 down 20,000
Worker, who is employed. However, all 20K is on credit cards or from anks, credit unions, etc. He cannot pay them and also pay other bills. He cannot afford to ruin hie credit at the moment.

Durton DAL/RA • 250/wk 90,000
Bob IB very close. He was in Leeeburg for a abort tine writing for the LCN. He has gone the entire route, Including taking out a mortgage on hie house to lend to ue. This is something that we must pay, or there will simply be a foreclosure. We are also his only source of income for other expenses, since he is retired and converted all other income bearing investments into loans to us*
Ben Buttress Reston, VA/NCR 250/wk 9000
Total amount is travel credit loan. He Is a veteran who is seeking V,A. financing buy a house in Reston, ' VA, where he recently moved. There is one and only one thing which le standing in the way of final approval for the financing: the travel credit bill we ran up on his Amex, which he was told was a loan at the time he agreed. Me has already lost his Amcx, which he is taking remarkably well. We arc writing a letter to American Express stating that we were the beneficiaries of the charges, and that we will assume the debt. Payments would be at a rate of 250/week. He has already borrowed $2000.00 from relatives just to keep his relationship with American Express alive*
i •
Etta Collins LOS 500 down 10,000
250/mo thereafter This is a retired woman, way behind in her bills.
rcus Cotton LOS/AL 250/wk 100,000
iderlyretired gent who we neglected entirely until his loan was almost a year old. He has been revived as a contact. This loan was most of his means of support. We recently had , to make a couple extraordinary payments over the span of a couple of months so he could buy a hearing aid. This is a case where we could probably pay back principal and have interest waived if he sees something coming regularly.
Robert Copeland PIIA 150/mo 20,000
Hismodestretirement account is being automatically debited every
month to pay the bank loan he took out for us.
John Cruse HOU/SKS 250/mo 10,000
Both his parents are very ill, and he must care for them. He is about
50. Is oil business surveyor and is only working about one day a week
Don Davidson NCR 1000 down 8000
Long time Virginia supporter. Has been absorbing bank loan payments, and credit card payments, but is now in trouble. His wife is ill and he needs a chunk, lie asked for $2000.00

.atherine For tier Montreal 1000 2000
Canadian who went to France to work on campaign. According to telex from Montreal, itveral crtditor* are after her and the could lose her house.

absorbing the not be able also cannot monthJy
Adeline Gibson LOS 150/mo 20,00
Most of this IB credi t card loans, ami ahe has been absor monthly payments. However, ahe is retiring soon, and will no to continue doing so with her curtailed Income. She als afford to lose her credit cards, so we must pick up the portion of the bilJ. that 10 ours.
Arthur (Bill) Hedrlch PHA 800 down 10,000
100/wk thereafter
Authorized a tl,000 front. He was billed for 42,500, which made his card pretty useless. 5K of the 10K is bank loans,; which he has been trying to pay, but is over IK behind. As a result,' he has had to put off getting some specialized eyeglasses (trifocals) which are vital to his work as a transcriber of school board hearing*. This will cost $000. He also cannot pay his taxes.
George Heikes LOS 500 down 5000
84 year old mining consultant. While lie Is not officially retired, the mining industry isn ' t doing much, and as you can see from the ittached letter, he is in trouble.
Mary Hiltner CGO/JR 720/mo 72,000
Retired school teacher. Still waiting for her first interest payment.
Al Holmgren HOU/BD 1200/mo 100,000+
Al is an oil worker In Louisiana, who among other things took out a hefty 90,000 mortgage on his house. As he told the switchboard last time he called, "I want to speak to someone who either has a sympathetic ear or a cot for Be to sleep on." He is employed, things are unstable in the Industry, and when you're talking about the size of payments which he has to make to his bank, it doesn't leave much. His predicament is compounded by a liberal girlfriend (wife maybe?) who is a flawing witch, and a former journalist.
Lelf Johansen Minn./CGO 500 down 10K
100/wk thereafter
His farm was ju«t foreclosed. He is living in the house for a short time long before he is kicked out. He will definitely need some help from us for income.
Charles Kneedler PIlA/PV 250/mo 51 , 000
This is a candidate. He is a retiree and lent his life savings. Hnd not received a payment for four months, and was freaked out that he had lost his only means of income. Steve Douglas is handling personally. 3R has approved this amount being included In the imprest funds wire so that Philly can pay Kneodler from the local account.

cne Kornely NCR 60/mo 9,000
Uves In a house trailer. Gave us everything. Had to put a new roo on trailer, and couldn't pay for it.
Michael Krishart PHA 200/wk 5000
Was permanently laid off due to the bankruptcy of the trucking firm
for which he worked. This was a bank loan, and since his only income
now is unemployment, he can't pay the bank or make ends meet
Alice Kulyk NCR/LH IK initial
266.67 monthly thereafter
Retired school teacher. Pulled life savings out of bank. We have made part of the 1st Interest payment, which saved her health insurance policy.
Cecilia Kurz PHA/PV $400 for two weeks
This will finish paying the loan. She is not only a bona fide hardship case, being a working class retiree with medical bills due to high blood pressure, but is also a tremendous pest. Recently had to borrow money to pay basic bills. (Letter attached).
Nancy Lee CGO/PO 130/WK 2100
ThereTF a judgment against her for a mastercharge bill which is -edominantly organizational expenses incurred around 1980. The judge .-dered her wagea garnished, so she will not be able to pay rent if we
cannot replace the amount the garnishment will take out. She is
active NDPC'er in the Detroit region.
Sylvia Lopetrone CGO/RB 350 1000
This would Just about pay back the entire loan. We do not have the details on this case, but Ron Bettag describes this as one of the half dozen bona fide hardship cases he has.
Stan Lundatroai SEA/TJ 250/wk 15000
He has been after us for months pleading for something significant enough to get the IRS off his back. We couldn't pay, and the IRS is now garnishing hi* wages, which doesn't leave a whole hell of a lot for basic expense*.
Margorle Herscher PIIA/PA 105 250 total
This is a Schiller loan. This la an elderly retiree, and even though the entire loan Is 250, she is adamant that she needs the 105 which is still unpaid.
Tom Mazza KYK 100/wk 1000
Printer with lots of kids. Calls Hew Jersey twice a week begging for
some money to pay basic bills.

orence Mete NCR/CAC 1225 down 5000
225/mo thereafter
This I* a retired woman of limited wean*. *11 loans will be due by June. With this amount down, we could undoubtedly roll everything over and pay the principal only at 250/month.
George Meyer HOU/SKS 2000 down 80,000+
Banker in Houston who was turned down by his bank for a loan for a hip operation for his wife. She is in traction until she can get the operation. He called a few days ago ""nearly in tears" according to Susan S. The reason hn was turned down by hie bank is that he is in arrears with the earlier 80K loan he took out on our behalf.
Florence Hjgfeldt 1000/mo NCR/CAC 25,000
Appears that this lady is not going to have too much to fall back on besides us. (Letter attached).
Carlos Newell BAL/RA 300/mo
Lender Tn Georgia with lots of medical bills as a result of problems
his kids have.
Joseph Nohgjl NCR/MOB 500 down 7000
250/w); Big problem is wife's surgery. Adamant. See letter
O'Rourke HOU/SKS 771 90,000
1 1 i r ed . Except for a small annuity, Interest is only source of *ncome. Said she was counting on interest to make house payment, which is what the above amount is. Houston had to bail her out once.
Eugene Parker BAL/RA 2K down 30,000
325/wk thereafter
Lives in Puerto Rico. Has a 1 300/mo nth AMEX bill. Also needs an eye operation which he is putting off until he can get some money from us . He is also going through a divorce and discovered during the course of liquidating the property that there was a $40K+ SBA lien on the house securing a government loan to his brother in law. Therefore, the proceeds from the sale of his house on which he was counting to pay eome of these expenses will not be available as planned. (See letter).
Dorothy Powers NCR 75/wk 35,000
Lent everything. Besides us, she has a small social security check.
Meryl Ritt CGO 400 down 138K
75/wk thereafter
This is a retired factory worker who has lent everything she has. She may also have social security, but other than that, not much.
Dorothea Schubert NCR 50/wk 20,000
Her loans are her life savings. Only other source of income is a very
modest social security check*
Lily Schwab NCR/MOB 120 WK
Sne is 80+ years old, and depends on the interest. Her nephew David
Murphy (who is decent so far) called on her behalf. We are 1400
behind In interest. If we start to pay that off at the above rate,
she would probably be amenable to dropping the interest or at least
rolling things over, but if we don't it will probably be a mess, since
a third party, (a banker at that) is already Involved.
Walter Scott P11A/PV 800/mo 12,000
His mother It in a nursing home. The above amount is about half of
the monthly coft of keeping her there.
George Shimp NJ 250/mo 5000
He is a farmer in upstate Hew York who is not doing well. He took out
a bank loan for us, which is now overdue.

lie Rodolff >^onsl)lTda'te"<I and renewed loans
consolidation by Christine that financial emergency. ("mis Is although It is rarely actually been laid off and stated in a losing everything, particularly 8K back, but I am assuming he points out in his letter he has really couldn't afford to do §o®

Pha/CBD 500/mo 8000 on 1/18/86. Was promised at time of he could get »on«y tack in case of
standard practice among phone teams,
written into the note.) He has now 4/16/86 letter that he "could end up my Thome.™ He is asking for the whole
could ' live with 5C per month. Also contributed outright thousands when he
(See letter).

Herman Rubinsky L lTei~~Tn~¥Fookl y n, an invalid mother cannot afford to «
1000 down 100/wk thereafter
We have not paid him anything for months. He has with specialized nursing which he must pay for but lo so if we are not giving him some kind of return.
I am tnieeing some
Recently called Denise Han, and was very emotional* of hi§ loanif but the principal is a few thousand.

Retirecf wonan complications difficult to without money, heavy medical certain that supportive.

HCR/LH 100/wk . 8000
"in Arkansas. She recently had a • heart attack, and
involving her eyes and '-legs whereby ehe finds it very
walk. Although she was generally 'thought to be not
it is true that she has'no insurance, and has some very
bills. All her principal is now due, but I'm fairly
the 100/wk will do the trick, as she r®mains3very

NCR ." 50/wk 20,000
Only other source of income is a very
Her loans are her life savings. modest social security check*
LUySchwab "~'
years old, and depends on the interest. Her nephew David
Murphy (who is decent «o far) called on her behalf. We are 1400
behind in interest. If we start to pay that off:at the above rate,
she would probably be auenabie to dropping the interest or at least
rolling things over, but if we don't it will probably be a mess, since
a third party, (a banker at that) is already involved,

12,000 is about half
Walter Scott
800/mo above amount
i§ in « nursing hoae. The the monthly coet of keeping her there.
250/mo 5000 not doing well. He took out
lle~TBi~Taraer In upstata Hew York who i a bank loan for us, which is now overdue,

/innjhej&ofjka 700 down 40,000
250/wk thereafter
Grandmother in prominent Houston family. Slie gave her noney to her kids to avoid possible probate taxes. They are rather swinish It eeene, and are not giving her enough to support herself. Her nephew, who describes himself as a "Republican on the outside, but really a closet LaRouchlc" called UB up on her behalf. lie said he would help her out himself and not even bother us if he had the means to do ao: however, hit business is barely, afloat,' since It IB tied to construction which has been very depressed in the Houston area. The above payments will hold her until 1988, when she will have some kind of income available to her again. Her nephew IB absolutely sure that she will forgive interest and/or principal, in return, and solemnly promised that "we • would be rewarded" for helping her'. On the other-hand, if we cannot start paying, and she is forced to go to the kids for money, they will make a big public deal out of it, which they are in a position to do since they are hooked Into law networks and own TV media in Houaton. Not only that, but they are personal buddies with George Bu«h.
Wj1£l£a£_Swi>ntori HYC/DH 100/wk' 12,000
Ex-CIA, swho was bounced out for some reaeon. He now leads the life of' n highly inttllectual derelict, and he seems to have lighted in New Mexico after much humming around. Writes literally about six letters net day asking for money, usually in about 10 different languages, .lie last tine wa sent him money was to ball hist out of Jail for taking an anauthoriEed nap in somebody'e pickup truck. He apparently hae no other weans o£ support except whatever it is that derelicts do to survive. (Latter attached). _ .-.
Th£i2*_JDC£££ ' NJ ' 85/no ' 5000
. Black lady with several- kida whom she is supporting. This 5K is an HFC loan. She has been making a heroic effort -to pay the monthly instalments "herself, but it has become iapossible for her to both pay the loan and support the kids. ;;;
Robert Wadcll 500/wit for 1 mo. ' 9000
He needs to buy a car just to get around. His big problem is a $2000 front lie did that sever got repaid. ,'
Jin Waller BQU/SKS 200/mo 15,000
WaB™T^TTe who ia very ill. She nay .have to go into a hospital. lie borrowed money from her to lend to us* as well as took out bank loans.
down 5000
150/wk thereafter
She i§ an unemployed worker who made a dura but honest mistake concerning her resource®, and totally overextended Thereelf. The 500 ts to allow her to catch up on tone back bills, and the 150 per week is maintenance.

• 500 down 10,000 250/»o thereafter
Retired lady. V«ry §trapped if **a 'canr.o! make interest.
Hazel- Wendorff _ MCR ." eo/mo . -10,000
"~ In a financial straight- jacket unless we pay interest.
Mr. 6 Mrs. .H_enry_Wjjj_er8 NCR 50/wk 5000
"ReTl r ed"~^ou^IeT~™~STey~~^ epe nd on this .. margin o£ income to help pay
bills. (Letter attached).
gjja^ge_Jjo££tejr BAL/RA. 1000 down 70,000
175 thereafter
She has gone ail the way, including selling her house, giving us the proceeds, and renting a very modest apartment. The 1000 is to catch up on payments for . arthritis therapy she must take;in order to walk. The 175 will maintain her. The only other incoae available to her is a small pension and aieo social security. Her'.' bank account is currently overdrawn. Thii a thock to her. Bounced checks are euch an alien occurence to her that §hc had to call up Shelly to find out what to do when she bounced the first check .In her life— to the IREl

204 Harbor Road Soulhport, Connecticut 06490

April 23, 1986

Mr. Cohen
15B Catoctin Circle
Ste. 206
Leesburg, Virginia 22075*

response to my letter of April 4 to
Dear Mr. Cohen i

Thank you for your telephone Ms. Gallagher. i •
Firstly, 1 would like to thank you for promising to.'see that the paet interest due Mrs. Bechtel will be paidi .

Secondly, with redpect to your request.that Mrs. Bechtel a^ree to
"roll over" the twelve-month loanV-made to the Larouche
enterprises, I am sorry to say that as I advised lir. Billington on
January 2, this will not be possible in view of Mrs. Bechtel's
current financial situation.

Mrs. Bechtel Is an eighty-Tour year old retired piano teacher and the monies and stock that she has lent you represent her sole means of support. She is now In failing health and does^accordingly, require pompt repayment oC the loans made.

and now requital the same from you.

Your prompt att«ntion to thia matter is respectfully tequiiflfced.

Robert P. Raymond Attorney for Mrs. Bechtel ; :jf '•'.••• ".-• tti. -.I-.'. ,* V-'
She was happy to support your group's efforts In their time of heed and now requires the same from you.

ct AG Gallagher HO Billington L. Larouche


BOX 329
f PL 32008
March. 10,1986

Mrs* Rochelle Ascher ' "• . Campaigner Publications. P. O. Box 17726 ;i Washington, D. C. , 20041-0726

Dear Shelley,
I have no idea whether or knew what you were doing to,
me when you went wild with my Visa Card or not. You took all •
of my cash reserves and some of my monthly income* I had and
have no other income except $100.00 per month.'from an insur
ance policy. I have long ago used up the money I had in the ••,•••
local bank just for living expences. To get this far I have
had to mortgage my home and land;and my car. ..Mow that money .\.
is getting thin. > *ij j£ '..!'• j
I have written Mr. Phau several times. Back in September he -.;.->; sent me a check for $2,000.00 for partial interest payment. (. •,*". Since, then he has not even bothered to answer/my letters.
Frankly I did not think that you'were the type to get invol- r-ved in a SCAM such'as this. I have got to have some money and since your notes are well past due. When you "told me that La v
1 Roach desperately needed the money for a short time t aggreed to loand him some,,0r did 17? The records'shod that the money
/.went to Campaigner Publicatione.'I have been extremely patient • but the time has come that one way or another1I have got to get my money back. Letters from Phau or you do not spend worth a Damn..

Please get honest with me and return my money-and interestl -V'

Yours truly,

M. M..Brantly

DC M.M. BttAffTlY
', 1986 •.-•,*',V/.'\f^>^fel P.d.BOX32« " .!> .
Mr. Lyndon La Roach ".. T, 0. I)ox 17726 . Washington, D. 0., 20041-0726
Dear Mr* La'Roach,

Fof many months now I have been v/riting various;meniberB of your campaigns staff and one or two letters to you.;! have received •, one reply within the last year. That Was from mr Phau vith a •'.] check for $2,000.00 interest and a statement that,$1,000^00 per week would-follow. That was int September: last ye1 ar rand...;! have.','
hpard Tin-fchlnir FHnnp.- ;.. / '• •> ' '•&•'.'. ?"$ '•/'• r?(

.S:.'' March 30
heard nothing since,

From what I have heard and read you are an intelligent, honest.. man, and if that is so you will aee that my money is repaid, '. Some of it I agreed -to as short term loans some I'did^not know about wntill Merrill Lynch called,'.me and told me that^my CMA was being rapidly..stripped. f '.. '{i . ;. . ..'•-• vj^.
You are reportedly a, wealthy ;man and one of hoiior; I am-borrow-every thing I can on my vehicles i.and home to be!) able to buy food at the store. I have been disabled for fifteertA':yearsi;,and was S getting; by on Social1 Security and'1 the proceeds'^ of'insurance payr raents which I invented. How all of thatrio-gone;.Fortunately I . inherited A one half interest in a home and some property all ; of which I have hadvto mortgage. Now there is no more'i.Yj,. .'-i
" •• '.-•• !'*'•. • iv. •••; -. -:':v'v- fe -«'-•'•' ..', •'• '•'.',
Since you won your fight to get on the Democratic'.ballot-t par- • . tially with my money. I fenl that it is time fdr you to start"; doing something-about the notes which I'.hold;

From what.I, read you would not know what it is/.like • to be hungry, but I'can assure you that it is not pleaaabtl *My yariotis no'tes are about to start falling due, as a matter o^'jfattt one, already has, and others are '-'coming up. f; --*'-v'A :"' <t, . ••'•',•.' ' f:: *:V-•
• • V V 'V •'•: '.V :': 'v( •. - - ', ',.-The total notes I hold amraount to"591,700jOO daWnd from April and May of 1904 and bearing interest at 12#. According to my records I have received a total of $5»000;00 interest.over the entire period. The Ifint note wag due April 19jrM985t I a™ surt that your staff ho.a complete records* The notes were signed by rmrf mostlv be Rochelle AeheriV;' •

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