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formed in Munich five days after the missile stationing, and named in order to induce the public to read "x" whenever they see "y." Before its foundation, this party had already been assured financing from oligarchical circles in southern Germany, and its ranks include members so outspoken about their uninterrupted admiration for Hitler that one has good grounds for suspicion. Indeed, it almost seems as if this party wants to send a loud and ringing message: "See, there is a resurgence of Nazism in the Federal Republic!" With central roles played by such prominent persons as Franz Schonhuber (I Was There), who in turn is said to maintain close friendly relations with the current head of the Nazi International, Swiss banker Francois Genoud, then our suspicions can only increase. Genoud himself is considered to be not only at the hub of Nazi-Communist activities worldwide, but is also well known through the European press for his ties with the internationally sought terrorist Carlos and with East Berlin. Is it conceivable, then, that the East has had some hand in the formation of such a blatantly right-wing party as this "Republican" Party professes to be? We must at any rate ask the question, "cui bono?" and watch its development carefully.
Historical truth can never be discovered from the initial appearances of events. This is doubly true for the history of Nazism; never has there been a field more thoroughly and frequently plowed and cultivated by both East and West as this one, and many events which appear on the surface to be "political," are in fact nothing more than secret service operations.
The loser in this game of power is the German people themselves, because such games deprive

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