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sured, has no illusions about this movement's National Socialist character, but it sees its anti-Western orientation as an asset in Moscow's own struggle against "capitalism." The Soviets have apparently still not learned the lesson that one can always sponsor a National Socialist movement, but one cannot necessarily prevent such a monster from eventually striking back against its master. Today the Federal Republic is threatened once again by the same Nazi-Communist alliance as it was during the Weimar Republic.
Financial circles in Zurich, London, and New York not only financially supported Hitler before his seizure of power; through the pages of the New York Times they lavished public praise on him well into 1939. And at the 1932 Conference on Eugenics at the Museum of Natural History in New York City, not only were leading Nazi racialists present, but they were flanked by representatives of the so-called Eastern Establishment, headed up by Averell Harriman's mother and the infamous William Draper, who soon thereafter was to participate in the terror bombings of German cities. (Following the war, Draper came to Germany in order to "reeducate the Germans.")
Today it would have a liberating effect on the German population if more knew these facts, and if they could experience rage that the same political circles which helped Hitler to power, later had the arrogance to impose upon the Germans their own queer idea of democracy. Access to such knowledge is generally blocked by a prejudice that National Socialism is a strictly German matter; we therefore recommend that such prejudices be dissolved, and that National Socialism should instead be regarded as only an extreme form of the oligarchical world

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